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Web sites with Live Chat Support enabled get the edge over their competition, increase sales and customer satisfaction
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You can invite a browsing visitor to join Live Customer Support Chat proactively from ZaZaChat Operator Panel
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ZaZaChat allows real time visitor monitoring and provides visitor demographics(Location,IP,ISP,Referrer)
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ZaZaCHAT usability, array of features and price are unmatched in the industry.
Our confidence in this fact permits us not to list a comparison chart on this website.

Below is a list of our most prominent competitors; We invite you to test-drive their systems and see for yourself:
Live Person

FREE price
Live Chat Features ZaZaCHAT LITE - Free   ZaZaCHAT pro - $24.99 / month
3 Installation options:
Website, Online Auctions, Email Signatures
Included Included
Mobile Chat - use your internet enabled mobile device to chat with your customers like iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Google Phone, Palm, etc.... Included
Web / Windows Based Operator Panel Included*1 Included
Automatic switching of Online/Offline buttons with detection of Online Operators Included Included
Copy and Paste code generation for easy installation
Easy installation process. Copy a short block of an HTML code; Paste on your website pages
Included Included
Website traffic monitoring in real time
Visitors' Geographical location, Referral information, etc.
Included Included
One account - Unlimited websites
Use one account on any number of web pages or different websites without any additional costs
Included Included
One account - Unlimited custom tailored chat windows
Customize as many live chat windows as you need and link them to your account. This unique feature allows several websites to be linked to one ZaZaChat account and still be tailored to show each website's company name and match each site's design & colors
Online/Offline buttons provided by ZaZaCHAT Included Included
Unlimited Visitors
LITE version limits its users to 1500 visitors weekly. LITE accounts are automatically disabled if the number of visitors to the web site exceeds 1500/week
Online/Offline custom button support Included
Support for an invisible button installation with Visitor Tracking and Chat Invitations Included
Proactive Live Help invitations
Operator initiated live chat invitations
Auto Live Help Invitations
Customizable system initiated periodical live chat invitations
Fully customizable Chat Window with defaults provided Included
Fully customizable Auto Invitation Window with defaults provided Included
SSL Support Included
Automatic disabling of Auto Invitation with detection of no Online Operators Included
Fully customizable Pre-Chat Survey Window with defaults provided Included
Fully customizable Offline Window with defaults provided Included
Multiple Operators support Included
Multiple Simultaneous Chat Sessions
One operator can be engaged in any number of chat sessions at the same time
Included Included
URL sensitive chat session
All URLs typed during chat are converted to navigate-able links automatically
Included Included
Customizable Chat messages
All chat messages are customizable for any language
View online Operators by Department
Administrator's ability to monitor, administer and log off online operators
Silent chat monitoring
Administrator's ability to silently monitor an active chat session
View numbers of Chat Sessions online operators are engaged in
Administrator's ability to monitor each operator performance in real time
Chat Session transfer
Ability to assign/re-assign a chat session to an operator
Operator to Operator messaging
"Whisper" Technology
Operators are able to coach each other! Send a private message into an active chat session assigned to another operator. This message will be visible only to the operator who this chat session is assigned to and not the visitor.
Administrator's high authority
Account Administrators are in full control of an active chat session. Administrators can transfer an active chat session to another operator even when the chat session is not assigned to them.
Visitor Tagging
Enables operators to tag visitors. Five customizable tags are available. For example you can customize tags as "Prospect, Customer, Loyal Visitor, Competitor...etc" and then assign tags to your visitors. Next time the visitor visits your website he/she will be tagged in the ZaZaChat operator panel. This valuable feature makes operators more efficient as if the returning visitor is tagged as "Prospect" - this visitor should be invited to chat.
Dynamic Billboards
Provide up to 10 advertisements/messages to visitors while chatting
Canned Responses Support
Operator ability to store frequently used phrases for quick response to visitors
Canned Images Support
Operator ability to quickly insert an image into the chat conversation
Canned URLs
Operator ability to quickly insert navigate-able links into the chat window
Spell Check
Visitors' Previous Chat history is available to Operators
"Returning Visitor" Indicator
Add Notes to Visitors / Chat Transcripts
Very useful when chat session is transferred between operators
IP Banning
Annoying visitor starts too many useless chat sessions? Ban the visitor's IP using IP Banning feature.
Off-line email messages
Visitor's ability to email off-line operators
Included Included
Print/Email Chat Transcripts
Visitor's ability to email or print chat transcript during or at the end of the live chat session
Included Included
Filter Visitors in Operator’s Panel by Operator, Chatting Visitors, or Browsing Visitors
Included Included
“Door bell” alert when new Visitor is waiting for chat
Sound and Visual notifications of chatting and browsing visitors. Color coded Visitors – allows operator to know if Visitor is waiting for chat to begin, or waiting for response
Included Included
Visitor/ Operator “is typing” notification
Included*2 Included
Complete Visitor Information in Operator’s Panel
Visit Time,Current Page,Page Title,IP Address,Host Name,Country,Region,City,Postal Code,Area Code,Language,ISP,Referrer (Search Engine Including Search Keywords, Another Site, Direct Hit),Browser Name,Browser Version,Browser Platform,Java Enabled?,Screen Resolution,Screen Color,Flash Player Version
Included*3 Included
Full ZaZaKnowledge© integration
Operator ability to add questions directly from an active Live Chat session to company's knowledgebase maintained by ZaZaKnowledge ©
Operator ability to search company's knowledgebase directly from the Operator Panel
Custom information feed
Ability to pass Custom information from your website pages to the Operator. more...
Toll-Free (866-567-ZAZA), Email and Live Help Support
Included*4 Included
On-demand Data Export
All account data can be exported in any format on a monthly bases. Website, Live Chat, Requested Calls and Trouble ticket statistics and all other information pertaining to ZaZaCHAT account.
Professional ZaZaCHAT installation on your web site
ZaZaCHAT installation guided by ZaZaCHAT team member, utilization of the Custom information feed, complete professional integration of ZaZaCHAT on your website for best performance and effectiveness.

ZaZaAlerter © Features ZaZaCHAT pro - $24.99 / month
Task Bar (System Tray) Outlook-like Chat Request notification Included
Task Bar Call Request notification Included
Account & Website statistics hourly update (Visitors, Views, Chats, Calls, Tickets) Included
Sound or Voice notifications Included
Quick ZaZaCHAT Operator Panel Launch Included
Customizable Idle Detected Log Out Included

ZaZa Request a Call Features ZaZaCHAT pro - $24.99 / month
Accept call requests from website visitors Included
Operators are notified of requested calls in operator panel, by email and mobile text message Included
Copy-Paste HTML code installation
Easy installation process. Copy a short block of an HTML code; Paste on your website pages
View Requested Calls Summary statistics in operator panel Included

ZaZaKnowledge © Features ZaZaCHAT pro - $24.99 / month
Lifecycle Knowledgebase management system Included
Ability to add questions to Knowledgebase directly from an active chat session Included
Private and Public Knowledgebase article flags for public / internal use. Included
Operator ability to search public / internal Knowledgebase articles directly from the Operator Panel while engaged in an active chat session Included

ZaZaInquirer © Features ZaZaCHAT pro - $24.99 / month
30+ Printable, graphical reports providing vital information about an e-business and ZaZaCHAT account performance including:
Main Overview, Marketing Overview, Content Overview, Daily Live Help Statistics, Requested Calls summary, Operator performance, and many more...
Filter by date range Included

ZaZaTicket © Features ZaZaCHAT pro - $24.99 / month
Lifecycle trouble ticket management system
Use the straightforward interface to track and manage each ticket Included
Allow visitors to easily submit trouble tickets, and track their progress right from the web Included
Measure ticket analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your team Included
Improve communication with your end users with automated responses and ticket status notifications Included
Add resolved tickets to Knowledgebase maintained by ZaZaKnowledge for visitors' and operators' self-help Included

ZaZaBroadcast © Features

Message broadcast system. Have an important announcement that every visitor to your website should know about? ZaZaBroadcast will help.
ZaZaCHAT pro - $24.99 / month
Queues and displays custom messages to your website visitors.
Several message customization options are available:
  • Display on specific pages
  • Display if a visitor on the page for more than 10-120 seconds
  • Display only if a visitor has visited more than 1-20 pages of your website
  • Display on schedule. i.e between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM EST
  • Display for visitors from specific regions (Country, City)
releases 9/15/11

ZaZaChat.NET © Features ZaZaCHAT pro - $24.99 / month
ZaZaChat.NET © is a User Control (Windows Class Library) that brings all the client functionality of ZaZaChat ©, commonly on the web, to the Windows .NET 2.0 applications.
Published for use by software development companies, helping software companies of all sizes enable application support via Live Chat built into the software's screens, automate internal and external customer service to improve customer satisfaction and decrease support expenses.

ZaZaBrowser © Features ZaZaCHAT pro - $24.99 / month
Operator ability to navigate external websites without leaving the Operator Panel

*1 - Windows Based Panel (ZaZaAlerter) is not included in the LITE version
*2 - Visitor "is typing" notification is not included in the LITE version
*3 - Region,City,Postal Code,Area Code visitor information is not included in the LITE version
*4 - Toll-Free support is not available to the LITE version users

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