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Are you in touch with your online customers?

ZaZaChat provides the answer to the fundamental question for online retailers....How do I increase our online business?
Imagine that you could interact with online customers just like you interact with customers in your traditional retail stores. Know when someone comes to your website, know what pages/products they are looking at, answer their questions, personally greet them when they enter, help them make the proper buying decision, and so much more.
ZaZaChat is just that. ZaZaChat is an internet based business to consumer (B2C) communications tool. It will give your sales and support operators the ability to chat or speak live with online customers at the right moment in their decision making process. ZaZaChat will enhance your customers buying experience, improve customer satisfaction, and increase online business. There is no software to install. It is easy to use and requires minimum training. And it provides a complimentary array of business reports and analysis for management. Best of all, it is the most cost effective, full featured, online B2C communications system on the market.
Introduction to ZaZaChat Help Desk Software
ZaZaChat Help Desk Software is a complete help desk solution that allows you to provide live chat support to your website visitors. It offers a wide range of features and is easy to install and use even by non-computer literate people. It can serve the requirements of small business owners to large enterprises.
Efficient one agent can support multiple customers
Anonymous customers do not have to reveal personal information
Call Tracking ability to monitor support sessions in real time
Business Knowledge knowledge base automatically grows and stays up to date
Easy Communication eliminates problems with accents. International operators can support domestic customers.
Easy complex task resolution customers can easily get a support transcript to review the step by step processes for complex tasks
Demographics revealed gain location knowledge about your customers
Competitive IT edge rapidly becoming a standard in eCommerce industry
A New Standard customers now expect live chat support
Customer Satisfaction improves customer impressions of your customer service
Customer Loyalty customers will return because of your customer service
Longevity proven track record
Issue Tracking start tracking current problems the moment they start occuring

Help & Support
ZaZaChat 2.0 release - 5/1/2011
2011 is here, we thank you for helping make 2010 a successful year for us at ZaZaChat!

While we have been 'heads down' and working hard to improve ZaZaChat Live Chat, Ticket Tracking, and Knowledge Base Management Systems, you have been busy providing feedback and comments which has helped us develop ZaZaChat 2.0

What's coming to ZaZaChat - 12/27/2009
We would like to tell you what we are working on and which new features you can expect added to ZaZaChat in the coming months
Mini-release 4.1.2 - 8/15/2009
ZaZaChat 4.1.2 mini release, 12/27/2009
Some important updates and improvements were published to ZaZaTicket, ZaZaInquirer, ZaZaKnowledge and ZaZaChat modules in 4.1.2 mini-release.
ZaZaAlerter optional upgrade - 7/22/2009
Some important updates were implemented in the new version of ZaZaAlerter
ZaZaChat mini release notes (release 4.1.1) - 7/8/2009
ZaZaChat 4.1.1 mini release, 7/8/2009
Some important updates and improvements were published for ZaZaAlerter, ZaZaKnowledge, ZaZaInquirer, ZaZaAlerter, Request Callback, ZaZaTicket and ZaZaChat modules in 4.1.1 mini-release.

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