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Help Desk Software - ZaZaChat: Business Intelligence Tool - ZaZaInquirer®
ZaZaChat offers full business analytics and intelligence in a tool called ZaZainqurier. With ZaZaInqurier you are able to perform unlimited data analysis of your business and website. This tool is able to satisfy the needs of all online businesses with its most sophisticated and up to date analysis, you will never need  any other tool to keep track of your online statistics.
You can visit ZaZaInquirer by entering your control panel then administration panel and clicking on the link for ZaZaInquirer or you can simply setup your ZaZaAlerter do give you a brief overview of your stats.  With ZaZaInquirer you compare up to 31 years of your websites/business statistics at the same time.

Main Overview – You can view different statistics at the same time about your page in graph format

Marketing Overview – You can analyze your business performance by comparing date periods

Content Overview – Shows the resource where your clients enter your website the most, shows the top resource where your clients leave from and the statistics of all of your other pages

Daily Live Help Statistics – How many times a chat session was initiated, how long it lasted and, how the chat session started

Daily Operator / Department Chat Statistics – Chat statistics for each individual operator/department

Chat Transcripts (Bulk Print) – Print chat transcripts for a specified period of time

Chat Transcripts – A record of chat sessions that you have had in a certain time frame and a complete record of what was said

Call Requests – How many of your visitors requested a call back

Daily Visitors (Text) – The record of all the visitors that visited your web site in the past two days

Daily Visits – How many visitors came to your web site on a particular day?

Visits vs. Page Views – How many times Visitors visited your website and how many different pages they viewed

New Vs. Returning – If the clients are new or returning to your web site

Referrers Report – What web sites referred your visitors to your site

Referrer URLs Report – The URL that your visitors clicked on to get redirected to your site

Visitors by City – What city your visitors are coming from

Visitors by Country – What countries your visitors are coming from

Visitor Languages - What languages your potential clients are speaking

Search Engines Report – Time of day your site gets most of its hits and chat sessions

Search Engines Report – What search engines people use to find your site

Search Engines Keywords – What people have been typing to find your websites

Content Titles – Popular content of your website by titles

Top Exit Points - What page your clients left your site from

Browser Versions – What internet browser your visitors are using.

Platform Versions – What Operating system

Browser Platform Combos – What Operating system and internet browser your users are using.

Screen Resolutions - What resolution your visitors are using to view your site?

Screen Colors – What colors your visitors are using to view your site?

Languages – What languages your potential clients are speaking / using

Java Enabled – Are your visitors using Java on their computers?

Flash Version – Shows what version of flash your visitors are using


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