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Live Chat for Mobile
Live chat software by ZaZaChat just went Mobile with its newest feature.
Mobile Chat allows operators to answer live chat requests initiated on the website by using any Internet capable phone such as iPhone, Windows Mobile(6.0+ OS), Blackberry(4.7+ OS), Palm or Google Mobile Phone.
The mobile phone must also accept text message (SMS)s.
Fees: Standard mobile phone web access and Text Messaging fees apply. If you are already paying for these services, there should be no additional charges.
Mobile Chat is only available in ZaZaChat PRO package.
How does it work?
  1. For each Live Chat request originated by your customers on your website all Mobile Chat enabled operators will receive 1 (one) text message (SMS) on their mobile phones. 
  2. After clicking on the link embedded in the SMS text message a web browser will open on the mobile phone which will allow to chat with the Visitor.  
  3. When the chat has ended the chat window may be closed.
  4. It is important to remember that all Mobile Chat enabled operators will receive the SMS Text message with Live Chat Request on their mobile phones, whoever accepts the chat request first will be assigned to the chat session, all other operators will be notified that the chat has already been accepted by [operator name]
  5. If you receive a Mobile Chat request and if you are near a computer, you can also accept the chat in the operator console by quickly logging into the console.
To setup MobileChat for your account please follow these simple steps:
  1. Login to your ZaZaChat account and click to go to Admin Panel
  2. Choose "MobileChat Setup"
  3. Choose MobileChat options and click "Save Settings"
    Mobile Chat ON/OFF - 'ON' means that your Live Chat is open 24/7 and the mobile phones you specify on this screen will receive chat notifications whenever live chat sesison is started on your website. 'Based on Schedule' allows you to prevent the mobile phone from receiving chat requests based on the hours you set.

    On MobileChat setup page you will also have an opportunity to specify which operators are to receive live chat requests on their mobile devices and setup a schedule when your MobileChat powered Live Chat is to be open and available to your customers, this will in turn show the appropriate "Online" or "Offline" live chat button on your website. You will also be able to specify whether MobileChat enabled operators are to receive live chat requests on their mobile devices if they are logged into the operator panel (Web or Desktop)



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