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ZaZaChat Live Chat plugin for WordPress
About the ZaZaChat live chat widget for WordPress
There are two(2) versions of ZaZaChat Help Desk, Lite (Free,GPL) and PRO (Commercial, $14.99 per month)
This plugin will work with both versions of the software.

ZaZaChat Live chat plugin/widget for WordPress provides an easy way to install ZaZaChat Live chat system on your WordPress powered website. ZaZaChat live chat software is affordable, professional-grade, powerful yet easy to use live chat system for websites featuring full live visitor monitoring, proactive and on-demand live chat and powerful reporting tool. Please see a short demo of our Live chat system . Or review a full list of features.

Please follow these steps to install ZaZaChat Live Chat plugin-widget for WordPress:

  1. Login to your site's WordPress administration
  2. In the "Plugins" section in the left menu select "Add New"

  3. On the plugin installation screen you need to provide widget installation file. Please download WordPress live chat widget by ZaZaChat and save it to your computer. Click "Browse" button, find the ZaZaChat live chat widget you downloaded and click "Install Now" button.
  4. You will be notified that plugin was installed successfully. Please click on "Activate Plugin" link.

  5. Click on "Widgets" link in "Appearance" menu on the left.

  6. Please select "ZaZaChat Live Chat" widget in "Available Widgets" and drag it to the Sidebar where you would like the Live Chat button to appear on your website

    On the "ZaZaChat Live Chat" widget administration page you will need to provide your ZaZaChat account # and Live Chat Button # and click "Save" button.

  7. If you do not have ZaZaChat account please get it here
  8. See the list of available live chat buttons with their #.
  9. Please do not forget to install live chat operator console to use with your ZaZaChat account.
  10. You are done, enjoy!

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