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ZaZaChat mini release notes (release 4.1.2)
ZaZaChat 4.1.2 mini release, 12/27/2009
The following updates and improvements were published to ZaZaTicket, ZaZaInquirer, ZaZaKnowledge and ZaZaChat modules.
Summary of updates:

  1. Ticket submission screen now allows File Upload. Your customers can now submit support tickets and attach additional information by uploading a document or image files.
  2. During an assignment of a ticket the "Notes" field is no longer required.

  1. You can now completely customize ZaZaKnowledge!
    Header, footer, CSS files can now be edited to match your website design. Imagine the possibility! Within just 1 hour you can create, customize and publish under YOUR company URL a complete support system powered by ZaZaKnowledge, offering full spectrum of support tools available to your customers 24/7/365! ZaZaKnowledge is SEO friendly which means that your support center will be crawled and indexed by major search engines within 7 days guaranteed!
    Please see some examples of ZaZaKnowledge implementation:

    And the best of all is that Our designers Will Do all customizations for your ZaZaKnowledge powered support system completely free of charge! You read correct, completely free. Once designer has completed your customization, your support system powered by ZaZaKnowledge will look and feel exactly like your main website!
    All you have to do is the following three steps:
    1. In your domain management panel point a subdomain to It could be or or any other subdomain you would like to use for your support website. Here's a great article explaining step by step how to do this: Adding CNAME record to a domain
    2. Login to your ZaZaChat account and in Admin Panel click on "ZaZaKnowledge" link, select "Publish" menu and specify the subdomain you had pointed to and click "Save Settings" button.
    3. You are done! Submit a ticket telling us that you had completed the steps above and one of our designers will start working on your Support Website customization immediately.

  2. Operators are now able to copy article link into the active workspace, email or view article in full mode. Please see screenshot below:

  1. "Offline chat requests by hour" report has been added. The report tracks hourly chat button clicks when all operators are offline.
    Please see screenshot below:

    1. Account administrators are now able to share canned responses, URLs or images in batches or individually. Please see screenshots below:

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