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ZaZaChat 2.0 release - 5/1/2011
2011 is here, we thank you for helping make 2010 a successful year for us at ZaZaChat!

While we have been 'heads down' and working hard to improve ZaZaChat Live Chat, Ticket Tracking, and Knowledge Base Management Systems, you have been busy providing feedback and comments which has helped us develop ZaZaChat 2.0

What's coming to ZaZaChat - 12/27/2009
We would like to tell you what we are working on and which new features you can expect added to ZaZaChat in the coming months
Mini-release 4.1.2 - 8/15/2009
ZaZaChat 4.1.2 mini release, 12/27/2009
Some important updates and improvements were published to ZaZaTicket, ZaZaInquirer, ZaZaKnowledge and ZaZaChat modules in 4.1.2 mini-release.
ZaZaAlerter optional upgrade - 7/22/2009
Some important updates were implemented in the new version of ZaZaAlerter
ZaZaChat mini release notes (release 4.1.1) - 7/8/2009
ZaZaChat 4.1.1 mini release, 7/8/2009
Some important updates and improvements were published for ZaZaAlerter, ZaZaKnowledge, ZaZaInquirer, ZaZaAlerter, Request Callback, ZaZaTicket and ZaZaChat modules in 4.1.1 mini-release.
Live Chat Software Benefits - 3/27/2007
After carefully analyzing data provided by 50 selected e-Commerce companies using ZaZaChat Live Chat Software suite we have concluded that all professional websites with services/products sold daily greatly benefit from having Live Help enabled support
Point2 Members Enjoy ZaZaChat - 3/5/2007

ZaZaSoftware, developers of ZaZaChat PRO™ online live chat technology today announced that it is offering special membership pricing to all Point2 Technologies (Point2) clients.

website chat - 2/7/2007
ZaZa Network, Inc has acquired the powerful web domain website chat .com through a web domain broker.
ZaZa Network, Inc acquires - 2/6/2007
ZaZa Network, Inc has acquired the powerful web domain through a web domain broker.
Official Release of ZaZaCHAT PRO™ - Live Chat Support Software for Websites - 1/15/2007
ZaZa Software, Inc, developers of live chat solutions, today announced the much anticipated commercial release of its top ranked Live Help Software - ZaZaCHAT PRO™. Over 5000 active users worldwide have been invited to upgrade their accounts to ZaZaCHAT PRO™ - the full featured version of their software. Clients who do not wish to upgrade can continue to use the free ZaZaCHAT LITE™ version of the software.
ZaZaCHAT Helpdesk Software is featured on - 1/13/2007
ZaZaCHAT Help Desk software suite is featured by Leslie Taylor on

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