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ZaZaChat mini release notes (release 4.1.1)
ZaZaChat 4.1.1 mini release, 7/8/2009
The following updates and improvements were published for ZaZaAlerter, ZaZaKnowledge, ZaZaInquirer, ZaZaAlerter, Request Callback, ZaZaTicket and ZaZaChat modules.
Summary of changes/additions:
Ability to "Snooze" notifications for 1 minute.
Also the speed of operator panel performance was improved and some other minor optimizations were applied.
Please download and install the new version of ZaZaAlerter from this link.
*Please exit currently running ZaZaAlerter on your computer before installing the new version.
Operators will now be able to acknowledge tickets assigned to them with just one-click (before the update operators had to click "Acknowledge" link and then click again to confirm the acknowledgement).
Operators are now able to filter out "Closed" tickets to even further narrow down the ticket search results 
Customers are now able to print or email published KB articles
Operators are now able to copy an article to Active Workspace(chat/ticket) or Clipboard
Operators are now able to email a KB article directly from operator panel
Admins can now specify order for categories
Admins can now analyze how many chat sessions are being dropped and how many chat session requests are being received while all operators on the account are offline
Offline statistic can be found in "Daily Live Chat Statistics" report
Dropped chat sessions report shows dropped (not accepted by operators) chat statistics
Other updates and additions
"Customize System Settings" screen was added to Admin Panel which provides the ability to create an offline schedule and change the way the system initiates chat sessions in Intranet environment

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