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What is in the pipeline?
As our world grows another year older we wish you the biggest slice of happiness and good luck to fill your home and heart today and the whole year through!
Happy New Year!
We also would like to tell you what we are working on and which new features you can expect added to ZaZaChat in 2010:
  1. MobileChat: Operators will be able to accept chat sessions while being on the road by using their internet enabled devices. Any mobile device with internet browser will be able to accept chat requests. i.e. iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, etc. (Expected publish date January 2010)
  2. Email-to-ticket: ZaZaTicket will be able to sync with an email account of your choice like and automatically create and update tickets based on emails arriving to this email account. (Expected publish date March 2010)
  3. Complete redesign of ZaZaChat website and ZaZaChat operator panel. (Expected publish date April 2010)
  4. Ability to upload resources (documents and images) into ZaZaKnowledge powered knowledge base. (Expected publish date May 2010)
  5. Operator's and Customer's ability to send files while in chat (Expected publish date February 2010)
  6. ZaZaAi - An attempt to create a robot autoresponder which will try to help your customers without operator's involvement will be made. (Expected publish date September 2010)
  7. Contact management - A contact management module will be added to the operator panel, which will compile all contact information collected by your account via Chat or Ticket into an easy to use marketing tool.
If there is anything else you would like to see added to ZaZaChat in the future please do not hesitate to let us know, we WILL listen!
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