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ZaZaChat Live Chat Software - Release 2.0
2011 is here, we thank you for helping make 2010 a successful year for us at ZaZaChat!

While we have been 'heads down' and working hard to improve ZaZaChat Live Chat, Ticket Tracking, and Knowledge Base Management Systems, you have been busy providing feedback and comments which has helped us develop ZaZaChat 2.0

Interactive Demo of ZaZaChat 2.0


Take a look at these great features we are now offering with our new version. 

New Features to be unveiled with our release on May 1st

  1. Resizable operator panel.
    You can now make your operator panel full screen size
  2. Faster chat acceptance
  3. Customer facing Ticket and Callback systems windows are now fully customizable via Cascading Style Sheets.
    Branding - Customize every aspect of what your customer sees
  4. Customizable refresh rate of the visitor monitoring panel.
    Use our Filter to get what you need, when you need it
  5. Contact info is now shown in the visitor monitoring panel.
    Valuable info right where you need it
  6. New and more robust ZaZaAlerter
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