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Live Support Chat Software - ZaZaChat - Request a Call Part 2

ZaZaChat "Request a Call" overview (Part 2)

A: III. How a Client’s operators manage call requests
a. Request a Call Operators panel – In Chat Room choose Requested Calls tab.

Here the Client’s operators will see the last 50 Call Requests in the Requested Calls grid.

A Call Request may have status of “Open” or “Closed”. Open calls can either be accepted by an operator or not accepted. When a visitor first enters a Call Request it is Open and Not Accepted.

The grid will display “Open” for status, and “Accepted By” will be empty. When an operator selects an Open/Not Accepted call request, he/she will see an “Accept Call” button in the Requested Call Info panel.

An operator must accept the call in order to update the Call Notes, and Close the Call Request. If an Operator selects a Call Request from the grid that has already been closed or accepted by another operator then the operator will have read only access to Requested Call Info.

If an operator accepts a Call Request, that operator may update the Call Notes repeatedly until the Call Request has been closed.

The Requested Call Info panel Contains the following Call Request detail information: Name, Country, Area Code, Phone Number, Request Time, Call Deadline, Message, Call Notes, Accepted By, Call Status, and Status Time.
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